Write a business letter | Education homework help


To write an information seeking, business formatted letter to a child care center licensing specialist and to evaluate your letter.


You have been planning on opening your own child care program and have decided that you would like to open a small, center-based program. While looking for locations, you come across an available space that is conveniently located and perfectly situated to house a child care program. The space is 30 feet by 50 feet or 1,500 square feet total (indoor space). Right now, the space is a completely open floor plan and you have the resources to build walls as needed. Your first step in licensing is to look at licensing requirements, but you know that your licensing specialist will want to know how many classrooms you want to open, how many children can be served in each classroom, and how many teachers you need to maintain appropriate student-teacher ratios


  • Use a title page or header that includes your name, date, course and assignment title. 
  • When completing the weekly scenario, you must be sure to include both a focus assignment and a self-reflection. These must be clearly labeled using headings. Without the proper labels, I must assume that this step was not completed, and partial credit will be lost. 
  • Headings:
    • Focus Assignment
    • Self Reflection
  • A self-reflection is a thorough explanation of your focus assignment. The self-reflection must be written in paragraph format with a minimum of 10 sentences.
  • One aspect of the self-reflection is to learn the skill of using evidence based practices in your work as an early childhood educator. For the purpose of the research assignment, you will do this by using research to justify your explanation of the focus assignment in the self-reflection.  
  • You must include a minimum of 2 in-text citations in your self-reflection. At least one of those must come from the assigned chapter. This to ensure that you are making connections with the chapter being read, which is the theory, and the practical application, which is the focus assignment. You must be specific with your citations. Include a reference to the page or section of the chapter you are using to support your justification. 
  • You must also include the full reference at the bottom of the assignment or on a sperate work cited page. 
  • You will not earn credit for placing the reference at the end of the self-reflection without proper in-text citation

Instructions and Rubric for Chapter Scenario: 100 Points Total

Focus Assignment: 50 points

With the purpose of ensuring your plan will meet licensing requirements, write a 1-page (business formatted) letter to your licensing specialist. Be sure to describe the floor plan of your center including the total available space and the number and size of each toddler and/or preschool classroom you are planning on opening and how many children can be in each classroom. Also, include the student-teacher ratios you plan on meeting, and how many teachers will be in each classroom.

Self-Reflection: 50 points

  1. For your floor plan, explain how this floor plan addresses the issues in the scenario (40 points).
  • At least 1 resource must include the assigned chapter in the textbook. You must provide reference to the specific page or section your citation is from. For example, stating Chapter 1 will not earn credit. Instead, you must be more specific, (Sciarra et al., 2016, sec. 2-2a). 
  • Credit will not be given for research unless citations are included both in-text and a proper APA formatted reference section.