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The Origin of the Two-Party System and Why It is Important

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  • Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:
    • Discuss one effect that the two-party system of the U.S. has on the political interests of American citizens. Suggest one reason why the two-party system has regulated the emergence and successful contention of a major third party in presidential elections.
    • What role do the primaries play in representing other “parties” and beliefs within the two-party system?
    • Consider how the media influences political parties and voters, political bias for/against parties, and the role of ideology.
    • How does fake news and outright lies in the media affect people’s perception of the two political parties?
    • Review the first few slides of Live Lecture #2 for an examination of the political spectrum.
    • Remember, ALL major parties have once been third parties just as all large businesses were once small businesses.
    • What are some of the benefits or problems with having a multi-party system like many other countries?

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 Timbla Harris RE: Week 5 DiscussionCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:

Hello and good morning to all!!! A two party of  the United States can make decisions easier when it’s time to vote. The two party system is breeding for  deadlocking, confusion, division, and also corrupt that goes along with it. When a party is running each one of them are searching for political gain and success. Once in office the people have high expectations for the party won and there is a great pressure laid upon the shoulders, because so many are counting on them to change things for the people. So the people hold them accountable for any unfinished business that was promised  along the way. Delays and other conflicts that are hindering will cause defeat and stumbling blocks for the two party system.

Primary parties have a major role in th United States policy and the political debate despiting their  minor presence in Congress. A lot of times voters believe that there a third party want even have a chance to win. Third parties often organize a single personality and or single issues that are lead to fewer popularity votes.

We’ll as far as fake news and misleading the media to make the voters not want to vote because it affects the credibility of the person seeking a office. Any facts that are misrepresented  and mislead is fake news. Which includes any article that the facts are irrelevant are shared through the media.

  Ethics And Leadership In Criminal Justice , Discussion for this course:

 Week 5 Discussion:

“Morality and Human Nature”  Please respond to the following:

  • Determine two (2) strategies that law enforcement organizations can use to ensure that their employees do what is good instead of focusing on what they can get out of a particular situation. 
  • Read the article titled “Ethics Training for Police,” located at . Next, compare and contrast which of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development found in the text correspond with those stages outlined in the article as they relate to law enforcement officer ethics training.

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Alyssa Rowell RE: Week 5 Discussion:

Good Morning Professor and Class,

    Since working in law enforcement for a little over seven years now, I have come to see and experience all types of strategies to bring the organization together, along with a great reputation. One strategy that I believe works well, is having a class based on scenarios where multiple officers can join in and demonstrate certain incidents, and how the officer should and should not react according to the law and policy and procedure aspects. Another strategy that works well is testing the officers for their knowledge, quick decision making skills, and their ethical morale behavior. In doing so the superiors, such as the Sheriff/Chief, can get a certain idea of what kind of officers he/she has working for them; and for those who don’t do as well, they can put them in training to learn to make better decisions. If that doesn’t work then he can take the step by assisting the officer in more classes, or what could be the end of his/her career, terminate according to certain circumstances.

According to the article suggested above, the link is not working at this time, unless I join the website. I was unaware if maybe I’m not clear on the instructions on whether to join or not. I will check back later to see.