Unit 9 final project college comp.

Essay Content:

Includes a compelling introduction with a logical persuasive thesis statement and a conclusion that effectively wraps up the essay.

Supports main points effectively and clearly (no logical fallacies, outside sources used to support arguments where appropriate) and skillfully refutes counter-arguments without ignoring data that contradicts the student’s thesis. Shows original thought.

Refers to at least 5 secondary sources in the body of the paper and on the references page. At least two of these sources are academic books or articles, and at least one comes from the Kaplan Library. Other sources are appropriate for an academic audience.

Essay meets 7 page length requirement (this does not include the title and references page).

Significantly revises and expands the draft submitted in Unit 6.

Organization, Style, Mechanics, and APA:

Paragraphs are well-developed, coherent, and logically organized.

The style is appropriate for an academic audience, and sentences are engaging to read as well as clear, concise, and precise.

Project is free of serious errors; grammar, punctuation, and spelling help to clarify the meaning by following accepted conventions of Standard American English.

Follows APA guidelines for the document layout and citations.

Letter to the editor:

The letter is clearly written and has a strong sense of purpose. The style is appropriate for the audience and situation. Demonstrates appropriate revision of the version posted in the Unit 5 invention lab.

Reflection question responses:

Responds to all reflection questions thoughtfully, providing specific examples from the student’s work throughout the course. Responses are written in at least two well-developed paragraphs.


Message in presentation is original, clear, and effective for the intended audience. Includes at least 5 pieces of research-supported information related to the student’s big idea. Cites research in APA format. Demonstrates significant revision of the version posted in the Unit 7 invention lab.

As a side not in order to get the full effect of my powerpoint it needs to be saved to your computer I belive in order to get sound.