Unit 3: major writing assignment 3 | First Year Writing Seminar I Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking Across Contexts | Park University

I need help revising my writing assignment with the corrections in the attachment. Apparently I didnt meet all the requirements, the corrections are from a previous assignment, but I cant submit this assignment until I implement the guidelines from the previous assignment

You were to write an essay in which you introduce your classmates to a community you belong to. You were to describe your observations about the community’s values, habits of mind, language practices, and how this community has shaped your own identity. Your major source of information should be your own observations and recollections of your community.  Your essay should be between 750 and 1,250 words and should be centered on a particular message or focus. Your essay should make significant use of description, examples, and explanation to illustrate your focus, and should illustrate some of the connections between language, community, and identity.   You were to use MLA guidelines for document design, as well as include a cover letter addressing the four prompts.