The research paper outline must include a title page, abstract page,


Due Date: 11/23/16




The Research Paper Outline must include a title page, abstract page, content using the required headings, and reference page. The outline itself must include three complete sentences under each heading with in-text citations. The three sentences under each heading should reflect current research regarding each topic as it relates to personality as well as for me to clearly understand the proposed direction of the paper. The required outline must be followed (listed on the next page).




The Reference Page must include six scholarly journal articles (provided, these are the only reference items to be used for this assignment, select six of the 10 to use for this assignment).




Must include in-text citations these are a requirement! Paraphrasing is required; direct quotes are not allowed in the Research Paper Outline. If APA formatted in-text citations are not used for this assignment, a zero will be assigned. Make sure to use proper APA formatted headings.




The sample outline format is attached along with the list of APA references and the journal articles only these may be used for this assignment.




Below are the required topics that should be viewed from the perspective of: How is this related to personality? Each topic (article selected) must be clearly connected to personality.




  1. Nature versus Nurture

  2. The Unconscious

  3. View of Self

  4. Development

  5. Motivation

  6. Maturation



On the Reference list I have each topic listed under the appropriate reference to be used for that topic section.