System dynamic | Data Analytics

Choose a dynamic system from a field or an organisation (including but not limited to

business management, public management, public health, and environment). Complete

both parts (A and B) as explained below.

Part (A): 50 %

For this part, you need to describe your selected system and provide necessary (and

only necessary) background information. This should include the following:

•What is included in the system and where is the boundary?

•What variable(s) in the system can change over time?

•What time horizon should be chosen for the variable(s) to show any changes?

•If applicable, what problem is the selected system undergoing?

Part (B): 50 %

For this part, you need to study your selected system using modelling and simulation.

This should include the following:

•Build a model for the selected system, or an aspect of it, using Stella. You may

use real data where possible or you may assume the required data

•Briefly discuss what variable(s) in the system are often used as key performance

indicator (KPI) that can also be studied by simulation

•Change the values of certain parameters, ‘play’ with the model, to understand

the dynamic features of the system

•Discuss and illustrate your understanding of how the system behaves/operates

with regard to the chosen performance measures (KPIs), explain this by drawing

connection to the model structure

•Discuss under what condition the simulation will show a more desirable

outcome, and what we can learn from it for optimising the real-world system

you selected.