Soci 201 essay 1 | SOCI 201 – Social Problems | Liberty University


Assignment for Module 1 / Week 1 you will write an Essay for class which includes the following:

Many progressive churches provide some resources for the needy; however, reserve them for their members exclusively or coordinate outreach programs on a limited basis. The church is not always aware of the resources available in the community and may not be prepared to provide the counseling or financial resources needed to support the needy.  Many families live away from their extended family and our culture supports the concept that adults should be functional and independent without extended family support.  

The biblical design of care for the needy is this: First, it is the responsibility of the family, then the church, and, finally, the community at large.  In today’s culture, the process has been reversed.  The family in need is often referred to a social service program and the community is expected to provide the services and shoulder the expenses of the programs through taxes.

Please discuss your thoughts on the responsibility of the family, the church and the community to meet the needs of those in need (i.e. aging, homelessness, domestic violence or child abuse, and so on).  You may include biblical references and personal experiences.  If you attend a church that has outreach programs, please discuss the population they are designed to reach and how services are provided.  If you work within a care providing system or are aware of para church ministries, please discuss how that system works within the community to meet the needs of the population. 

Please be sure to cite using at least two primary resources. This might be your textbook in addition to an outside journal article using the JF Liberty library databases. Please keep your essay to 4-pages. Include a title page, written paper providing supportive citations and a reference page. Two pages will be for your essay. It is important for this assignment to present your thoughts and not exceed the page limit. In Psychology and Sociology, it is important to be able to target your topic content. 

Please see the attached Rubric for the assignment.