Regulation and administrative law | Law homework help

Part 1 and Part 2 must be at least 150 – 200 words unless otherwise noted. Please read all attachments and follow all instructions. 

Part 1: Regulation and the Greater Good

After viewing The Crisis of Credit Visualized

video, respond to each of the following:

Ø How could government regulations have prevented or mitigated the credit crisis of 2008?

Ø Discuss whether too much governmental regulation of business or too little governmental regulation of business presents the greater danger to:

the greater good


Part 2: Administrative Law and Business

Some argue that government needs to increase its regulation of business for the good of society as a whole. Others believe that the marketplace is self-regulating and that government intervention through needless regulation places an unfair, costly burden on businesses in general and on small businesses in par­ticular. 

Ø What role do you believe government regulation should play to ensure ethical conduct by businesses? 

Ø How do different political viewpoints potentially shape the answer to this question?

Supplemental Resources

This unit deals with contract and elements of same. Please watch at your convenience.

Required Resources 


Seaquist, G. (2012). Business law for managers [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

Please read the following chapters in: Business law for managers:

Ø Chapter 5: Administrative Law

Ø Chapter 9: Contracts, Part I: Introduction and Formation

Ø Chapter 10: Contracts, Part II: The UCC

Ø Chapter 11: Contracts, Part III: Risk of Loss Rules, Negotiating

Ø Contracts, and Working with an Attorney


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