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Reflection #1




You read The Teenage Mystique (Hine, 2000), and it discussed a variety of topics regarding “mystique of teenagers” including:


          A pregnant giving birth in the bathroom during prom, and then discarding her newborn in the trash


          A developmental “mismatch” that exists for teenagers; The teenager as an “unfinished” person


          Reasons why teens do dump things. Example: smoking cigarettes


          Starting facts about the conditions that today’s teenagers face


Considering Hine’s discussion, write 2 paragraphs, at least 500 words total, (5-8 sentences each paragraph).  You will need to add a conclusion paragraph to this writing.




Paragraph 1: To you, what is “the teenage mystique?”


Paragraph 2: How do the adolescents, from the videos you watched (Ethan Couch & Andrew Pendergast) each represent a different type of “mystique?”


Paragraph 3: Conclusion








Cite from the reading or videos, provide supplemental examples, answer and demonstrate in-depth thinking






Links to the videos:


1) (Ethan Couch)


2) (Andrew Pendergast)