Persuasive research | English homework help

Choose a controversial topic that you have a strong opinion about and compose anargument. Do research about the issue using the school library, the public library, or the internet. Findat least five (5) sources of outside information from reputable sources (two must comefrom scholarly sources) and use this information as part of your argument. No sources shouldcome from a dictionary, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, or an online blog. You are required to quotefrom each source at least once in your essay. All quotes must be incorporated using correctAPA citation.


Note: You may not write about abortion or a matter offaith.




Your persuasive research paper should be be double-spaced and single-sided with 1 inch margins and 12 point TimesNew Roman font. You must have a cover page following APA guidelines (and it doesn’t count inthe total page length so the finished document will be 9 pages) You must have aproperly formatted Reference page which is also not included in the total pagecount.