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For your primary post, provide a link to a current news article or science article that is related to at least one topic from Chapter 24 “Oceans, Atmosphere & Climatic Effects” and/or Chapter 25 “Driving Forces of Weather.” 

In addition to the link, write a paragraph of at least 125 words describing the article and how it relates to the material from the textbook. Which concepts from the text does it mention, cover or depend on? Is the article more or less detailed on the science than the textbook?

2.  Data Center Management” 

  • Imagine you are an IT security specialist of a large organization which is opening a new data center. Recommend a minimum of three controls, other than door locks, you would utilize to secure the new data center physically. Support your recommendations.
  • Recommend a process to govern obtaining, testing, and distributing patches for operating systems and applications within the new data center. Provide your ratio


Quality Management”Please respond to the following:

  • Quality management has been the focal point of organizations for several years. Initially, the focus was the product or service and its flawless production. Today, the total quality approach relates to the entire process. Now, we hear about callbacks and recalls in the automotive industry, for example, as well as in other industries. These recalls often come from a lack of quality control and can be costly, impacting both correction/repair costs and customer perception. Stringent quality control programs can be used to help prevent these types of occurrences. ISO 9001 standards apply to organizations that design, develop, and maintain products, including software. 
    • Consider the following based on your instruction and reading this week concerning quality management. Post your initial response by Wednesday. Return a couple of other days after your initial post and interact with some classmates. Peer learning is an important skill to acquire, and one that you can use in the business world when you graduate. 
      • Software engineers need to pay more attention to the performance and conformance issues in software projects. They must also be proactive rather than reactive to quality issues. Respond as if you were a software engineer for a project related to Assignment 3. 
        • According to the quality standards you’ve learned this week, what measures (actions) would you take during the Requirement, Design, and Deployment Phase to ensure you were deliberately focused on quality?
        • Remember the Assignment 2 instructions: “…Be mindful that the company’s e-commerce website can be viewed on smartphone and should have an Android or iPhone app.” Describe what you think are types of software process metrics that may be collected as part of a process improvement scenario during development of an app for company’s e-commerce website.