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this is esl course. you have to write a essay like student study in language center



Length: five to six pages not including Works Cited


Argumentation with Thematic Synthesis of Materials – Arguing your point using different types of sources.  Sometimes you want to use two sources in one paragraph.  These two sources will support one topic sentence.


 — In this assignment, you are required to show your ability to argue a controversial issue by taking a position and persuading your readers with convincing evidence that your position is more valid than that of your opponents. For this task, you need to draw on your abilities to succinctly summarize different authors’ points of view and to make connections among source materials, and between your own ideas and those presented in sources. Most importantly, your writing in this final paper of the semester should show your growth at Essay 1’s rhetorical task of evaluating arguments through critical analysis, and at Essay 2’s emphasis on comparing arguments in their effectiveness.

To complete this assignment successfully, you will first need to decide on several points about which you can write substantially in this essay. These points are called your “points of argument,” or your reasons, and you are expected to include them in your thesis statement and to develop each point in your body paragraph(s) by providing detailed accounts of your evidence and arguments.

In your introduction, introduce the topic, not authors, although you can write about different views by different authors. End your introduction with a focused thesis statement that reflects the argumentative purpose of this assignment.

In your body paragraphs, support your points with various kinds of evidence, including textual evidence, experts’ opinions, statistics or data, analogy or comparison, your own reasons and/or arguments, and even a little personal experience. Also, because your essay is argumentative, you need to introduce opposing views and counter them successfully.

In your conclusion, restate your focused thesis and write other insightful concluding remarks.


You must use at least five to seven (5-7) sources.  One source is your primary source, and try to use two or three other sources from What Should We Be Worried About.



I.                     Introduce topic (not author), end Introduction with your thesis/Human story followed by thesis

II.                  Background


  1. Opposing Point of View (Briefly summarize essay and tell us why they’re wrong)
  2. Another opposing of view of same topic
  3. Main Point #1
  4. Main Point #2
  5. Main Point #3 (Each point must be followed by evidence with a signal phrase/In one of these paragraphs, use two pieces of evidence.)
  6. Main Point #4  (Still short?  Add more evidence)
  7. Importance of Your topic
  8. Call to action