Mini-research paper on tesla | MGT202 | University of California, Riverside

The goal of financial management is to maximize shareholders’ wealth.  In trying to do so, financial managers make the firm’s capital budgeting and financing decisions.  In this mini research, each student will evaluate financial management of a firm.  He/she is expected to choose a publicly traded firm.  (It doesn’t have to be his/her favorite or most disliked firm.) 

He/she must choose a firm and email his/her choice to me by 5 pm on April 16th (F).  No firm can be chosen by more than 2 students.  So, it is first come, first served.  He/she will survey and evaluate recent changes/developments in the firm’s corporate governance/agency conflicts, capital budgeting decisions, (unique/systematic) risks, financing decisions, capital structure, analyses made by its analysts, news coverage in the media, and stock prices.  The research will conclude with his/her short term (in 3-9 months) and long term (2-3 years) assessments of what the firm will be at and be like.  There is no limit on the length of the research paper nor a required style, but I am expecting it to be 5-7 page long with a double-spaced format.