Milestone four: macroeconomic items finance 550 milestone 4 –


Milestone Four: Macroeconomic Items

Finance 550

Milestone 4 – Written Assignment

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Macroeconomic Items: The CEO of the company is convinced that financial analysis should hinge only on what is happening internally within the company. Convince him otherwise based on the following:

  1. Analyze      the implications of interest rate changes on any of the calculations you      performed. Be sure to substantiate      your claims.
  2. How      might an issue (negative or positive) within the overall stock market impact      the company’s stock valuation numbers, other financial variables, or its      overall portfolio management? Be      sure your response is supported by evidence.
  3. Analyze      the impact of any external factor (i.e.,      external to the company) discussed throughout the course on the company’s      financial position. Be sure to justify your reasoning.