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Smart Airport Passenger Processing System (SAPPS) will replace the human administered, ID control, Airport check-in and boarding-pass processes. The new airport will have faster process timing and better security with SAPPS. The passenger will not interact with any officer at this new airport. Once SAPPS installed, the passenger will walk through a passage surrounded by cameras, microphones and other remote readers to do “ID control, Airport check-in and boarding-pass process” all at the same time.

Now, the new system SAPPS is ready for implementation and installation.

At the stage of the project, you should not underestimate the impact of the changes on the overall Airport IT system and the way people work in the airport.

QUESTION 1 As expected some employee will resist the change in the airport. What would be reason for their resistance?

QUESTION 2 Emotional Responses to Change. List the Stages of Grieving that employees will experience while implanting the new airport system

QUESTION 3 Explain System Implementation type that you utilize to put the new information system online and retiring the old system in diagram as shown in Chapter 12 Lecture notes ( the PowerPoints).  You can use  to represent your solution for one terminal only.