Impact of industrialization | American history homework help

Imagine yourself in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1840 where either you or a close family member works as a factory girl in the textile mill. Discuss what you (or your close family member) experience and see. Consider how technology has made the town distinct and if women affiliated with the mill were treated better or worse in society than their peers elsewhere.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length

The National (Cumberland) Road stretched from:

Georgia to New York.

Maryland to the Ohio River.

New Orleans to St. Louis.

Hudson River to the Missouri River.

During the Antebellum period, __________ became the site of northern female authority.
the pulpit

the office
the street
The home

The Erie Canal connected:

the Great Lakes to the Hudson River

the Missouri River to the Port of New Orleans.
the Mississippi River to the Hudson River

the Great Lakes to the Missouri River

Religion would play a central role in inspiring women to rise towards which major reform movement?



Gender Equality

Equal Pay

New trails that would emerge in the American West most often started from which point?

Chicago, Illinois

Lafayette, Louisiana

Independence, Missouri

Denver, Colorado