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Documented Essay Guidelines


Write an essay on a particular topic from the class study of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple  using documentation from four or more sources, including the novel, to support your thesis.


Before you begin, think about the following in respect to the novel:

1.     plot

2.     setting

3.     character

4.     point of view

5.     theme

6.     symbols

7.     figurative language

8.     the structure of the novel


Then consider possible topics to be determined during the reading and study of the novel.




1.     Read the novel or selection once, keeping in mind that you will need to do at least a second reading.

2.     Visit the library to browse the shelves for literary criticism on Walker, or your respective author. Relate some of the material to your reading and study of the novel.

3.     Keep reading notes and/or make notes within the text of the novel.

4.     Select a topic that you can handle successfully in a documented essay with a minimum of five (5) full body pages in 12-point font.

5.     Revisit the library (and the sources of your first visit) to see what criticism is available on your topic.  Take notes on index cards.

6.     Narrow your topic to a specific focus.  Write a specific thesis sentence to express that focus.  Note that you can adjust your thesis sentence when you write the introductory paragraph.

7.     Revisit the text to find specific passages that will give you the support statements and details for your paper. 

8.     Write a sentence outline for your documented essay. 







Documented Essay Guidelines

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9.     Remember to compile a working bibliography from the sources you are

      using.  Note that you may eliminate one or more of these sources when you

      compile the Works Cited page.

10.  Write the introduction for your paper; the specific thesis sentence will end this


11.  Continue writing to develop your thesis, using information from the novel, your documented sources, and your own body of criticism and interpretation. 

12.  Complete writing the drafts as outlined on the “Due Dates” portion of the syllabus. Revise your draft, hopefully after your instructor has completed a preliminary evaluation.

13.  Proofread your paper for the following:

·       Unity                    

·       Coherence            

·       Transitions                       

·       Tense sequence    

·       Conciseness         

·       Redundancy         

·       Sentence variety   

·       Parallelism          

·       Voice

·       Citations              


Complete the Works Cited page.  Be sure to adhere to MLA style