Help with write 20 pages

Progress update 2


First of all, I want to talk about the size of the car, which’s the most important thing in this project. The size of the car need to be the same or similar to normal production car that give the project car the ability to go and park it in all places. Also, the size of the project will make it easy to drive it on the rode like the normal cars.



Progress Update 3


This project needs to have two wings in the middle of the car. These two wings will not be too long, and two small wings in the end of it. When you drive the car, the wings will be closed into the car and when you fly they will be open wide.


Progress update 4

This project has 4 tires and wheels to drive it on the road before flying. Also, the size of these is same of the normal car not different which is make it easy to buy from the normal stores of tires. 


Progress Update 5

This project will be using only two seats. One of them for the driver and the another one for the partner. Also, both of the seats will have a power, which’s make it easy to control and move it.


Progress Update 6

This project able to use a lights for both of the car side, and small lamps in the end of the wings. The lights in the front and back of the car will be use the whole time when drive and fly it. Moreover, the light in the wings will be work when the wings are open and the cat it’s flying to make the other airplane or car fly can see it. 



Progress Update 7


This project as car and plane needs two Steering wheels. One of the steering wheels for control the tires when the driver needs to turn the car, and drive it in the road. The second steering wheel to control the wings for flying.


Progress Update 8


This project needs engine to produce enough power that can make this project fly flawless. The engine which I’m talking about is similar to the engine that use in the small airplane.



Progress Update 9


This project needs a big fan in the end of the car, it will be work only when the driver open the wings to fly. Also, this fan will help balancing the car in the air.