Diagnosing conflict | Government homework help

 In a four to five page paper, address the following: Explain why conflict exists in diverse workforces, addressing the causes of conflict and multiple aspects of diversity. Title this section Conflict in Diverse Workforces. Describe 2–3 conflicts related to different aspects of diversity, describing each conflict, its causes, and its participants. Title this section Aspects of Diversity. Identify conflicts in the course materials or in resources you select. Be sure to identify conflicts across a variety of aspects of diversity, since that is the realistic demand placed upon managers of today’s workforces. Identify a conflict resolution strategy and how it applies to each of the conflicts identified. Title this section Conflict Resolution Strategy. For the 2–3 conflicts you describe, address each conflict and the selected conflict resolution strategy, then move on to the next conflict, and so on. Also, be sure to defend the appropriateness of the conflict resolution strategy you select, providing evidence for why the strategy would work. Support your argument with your experiences or evidence from research. Explain at least two ramifications conflict has on the workforce, supporting assertions with evidence from your experience or research. Title this section Ramifications of Conflict. Think about potential ramifications that apply to the organization as a whole. Regarding evidence to support your explanations, you may include examples found in the course resources. Identify and evaluate your own behaviors and mind-sets towards diversity and inclusion in the workplace based on the Inclusive Leadership Continuum. Title this section Inclusive Leadership Continuum. The Inclusive Leadership Continuum is explained in the readings from How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive. Provide four peer-reviewed, academic references.