Criminal justice work 1 | Social Science homework help

Essay Question: 5 worth 10 points each.  Please type!


1. Please discuss Jean Kilbourne’s Documentary “Killing Us Softly 3” in the context of gender hierarchy and gender discrimination, eating disorders and body image. 



2.  Using the information presented in Chapter 9 of Short Rage, choose a social problem and discuss it in the context of Stephen Pfohl’s 5 components of critical theorizing.


3. Discuss the video on human trafficking as it is related to Chapter 12 in your Carter book. Also, discuss the relationship between gender discrimination and the devaluation of women as it is related to human trafficking.  Include a discussion about the genocide of girl’s as it is related to the preference of boys over girl’s in China and the limit on child births per family (Chapter 10).


4.  Discuss the documentary The Big One in the context of Corporate Violence in America.  According to the video, how are the corporate greed and the pursuit of gross profits at the expense of throwing people out of work related to deviance and crime?  Please speak specifically to examples from the documentary. Please discuss this in the context of Marx’s 5 inherent contradictions of capitalism. 


5. Discuss the deviantization process of Francis.  What did she do as a teenager to get people to question her morality?  What country did she visit when she was in her early 20s for people to start questioning her allegiance to the United States and democracy? What did she do to initially get sent through the court system?  Discuss a few other events that occurred in her life following her commitment to the mental institution that kept leading her back to the mental hospital. How did she wind up in the mental institution?  Was she really mentally ill?