Case study paper | Management homework help

Review the attached case study, “Diagnosing and Improving Motivation.” In a two- to three- page paper (not including title or reference pages), respond to the following:

  1. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Jessica’s existing sales force
  2. Describe changes to the company’s processes that would help better motivate the sales force.
  3. Feedback was identified as a significant force in the sales team’s motivation level. Explain how Jessica could have enhanced her feedback process to improve the team’s productivity and sales numbers.
  4. Describe how Jessica changed the sales force’s customer service emphasis.
  5. In the end, two team members (Marius and Jose) were promoted off of Jessica’s team. Explain how she can maintain her positive momentum with their replacement team members.

You need to use at least one scholarly source in addition to the textbook, and your paper needs to be formatted using APA style