Business ethics | Sociology homework help

-Answer the questions with properly citation and reference. NO PLAGIARISM.

– Attach document for question 1 and 2



Complete the exercise “Your Cynicism Quotient” on page 33 of the text. 

  1. What do you think that the exercise is trying to show you? 
  2. How the results you found in the exercise relate to your view of ethics?
  3. How does your view fit with the view of ethics of the company you work for? 

Read the short case on page 68 of the text. 

Suppose that the head of HR at the company where Irwin is being considered for a job tells you that Irwin has told the hiring manager that he received outstanding performance appraisals and that he was let go due to a company downsizing that eliminated his job. As Irwin’s career counselor, you know that his performance was marginal, which led to his termination.

  1.  Should you give the HR head a recommendation for Irwin? 
  2. What are your obligations to Irwin and your client company, Irwin’s former employer?