2-2 discussion: milestone one idea sharing

In your initial post, share your concept and ideas for the “Introduction” section of the final project. My research study from the provided list for my final project is about Partnership After Prison: Couple Relationships During Reentry by Megan Comfort, et al. in Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

This can be an outline, bullets, or similar form that shows your plan to address all components of the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric.

In your responses to your peers, provide feedback that can help them complete Milestone One for their assignment submission.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Your active participation in the discussion forums is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions are designed to help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts and goals of the course. These discussions offer you the opportunity to express your own thoughts, ask questions for clarification, and gain insight from your classmates’ responses and instructor’s guidance.

Requirements for Discussion Board Assignments
Students are required to post one initial post and to follow up with at least two response posts for each discussion board assignment.

For your initial post (1), you must do the following:

  •  Compose a post of one to two paragraphs.
  • Take into consideration material such as course content and other
    discussion boards from the current module and previous modules, when appropriate (make sure you are using proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular resources).